8 Signs That the AI ‘Revolution’ Is Spinning Out of Control

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Multiple new programs and services are now advertising that AI can be used to write screenplays and automate the filmmaking process. For instance, the AI startup Deepmind recently announced the launch of a tool called Dramatron, what it calls a “co-writing” tool. According to its website, Dramatron is supposed to help screenwriters by using “hierarchical story generation for consistency across the generated text. Starting from a log line, Dramatron interactively generates character descriptions, plot points, location descriptions and dialogue…”

Ugh. This offends me on so many different levels that I can’t really even begin to unpack them. I mean, why even write the script at all? Just have a robot write the script and maybe the robot can also watch the finished movie, too, since there’s no point in human endeavor anymore. Suffice it to say, I hope these programs get terminally infected with some sort of malware.

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