Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung’s flagship S24 Ultra has a titanium frame, but it can benefit from a good case like any other phone.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra brings new AI-powered software concepts like Circle to Search to Samsung’s flagship smartphone with a stylus. It’s in many ways a refinement of the design Samsung’s been building on since the introduction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but with some important refinements, namely to the size, weight, cameras, and display of the smartphone. With a new titanium frame, flat front display, and overall more compact body, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is an immediately holdable and pocketable phone in a way past Ultras haven’t been. But even with all of those improvements, it’ll benefit immensely from a good case.


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We think Samsung’s Standing Grip Case is the best overall case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra because of its level of protection and unique back grip, but we’ve collected a variety of Galaxy S24 Ultra cases below to meet whatever need you might have, be it drop protection or built-in magnets.

Best Samsung S24 Ultra cases: Our top picks

  • A white Galaxy S24-Ultra case with camera cutouts and a collapsible back strap.

    Samsung Standing Grip Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Best overall case

    Protection and a stand in one package

    $48 $60 Save $12

    Samsung’s Standing Grip Case for the Galaxy S24 makes what’s already a big phone much easier to hold and prop up thanks to a flexible back strap. It won’t break a sweat protecting your Ultra from drops either. While on the pricier side, it’s a great investment to protect your device.

  • A grey case with a magnetic circle on the back of a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Oterkin Magnetic Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Best budget-friendly case

    The budget-friendly Oterkin Magnetic Galaxy S24 Ultra Case has a matte texture that’s pleasant to the touch, is designed to not collect fingerprints or dust, and has built-in magnets to let it connect to car mounts. Plus, it’s partially see-through to allow you to see the back of your phone.

  • A violet folio case with a rectangular cutout on a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Samsung S-View Wallet Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Best premium case

    $40 $50 Save $10

    Samsung’s S-View Wallet Case works a bit like a folio, wrapping around S24 Ultra and adding on an inside pocket for cards or cash. The real magic is the cut-out on the front, which lets you view the time, notifications, or access other controls while the case is covering your screen.

  • A grippy black and white case on a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Dbrand Grip Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Extra-grippy, but still thin

    $55 $75 Save $20

    Dbrand’s Grip Case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is similar to the cases the company has released for other flagship smartphones. It’s grippy on the back and sides, has raised edges to protect your screen and cameras, comes in Dbrand’s playful patterns, and is still somehow only 2mm thin.

  • An iridescent phone case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Zagg Milan Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Eco-friendly and stylish

    The Zagg Milan Case takes its name from one of the fashion capitals of the world, and for a good reason. It’s stylish and semi-transparent, but still protective with 13ft of drop-resistance. Even better, Zagg’s designed the case to be made from 78 percent post-recycled content, making it eco-friendly too.

  • A rectangular black case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Incipio Duo Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Two layers of lightweight protection

    The Incipio Duo is meant to offer extra protection with a two-layer design that wraps around your Ultra and is soft to the touch. Incipio also promises that the case is antimicrobial, killing 99.9% of bacteria that might usually collect on the outside of your smartphone.

  • Textured gray case on a Galaxy S24 Ultra phone.

    Caseology Parallax Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    Textured design at an affordable price

    Caseology’s Parallax Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra looks far more expensive than it actually is thanks to an elegant two-tone design that has texture in all the right places to feel comfortable and secure in your hand. It’s also completely compatible with wireless chargers so you don’t need to change any of your charging gear.

  • A black faux leather case on a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    Samsung Vegan Leather Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

    A luxurious finish

    $48 $60 Save $12

    The Samsung Vegan Leather Case won’t age as beautifully as real leather, but it will still look and feel luxurious years from now. Samsung offers the case in three colors and guarantees it’s made from at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled material, too.

Do Galaxy S23 Ultra cases fit the S24 Ultra?

No, Galaxy S23 Ultra cases do not fit the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Despite having the same general boxy shape (all the better for storing an S Pen), the Galaxy S24 Ultra is smaller than its predecessor, and importantly, slimmer. That means that most Galaxy S23 Ultra cases aren’t likely to fit the S24 unless they have a good bit of stretch. Complicating matters further, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a completely flat front display. Since most cases were designed around the gentle curve of the S23 Ultra, a new case for the S24 Ultra is going to require more space, since less of the display is compressed in that curve.

Does the new titanium frame mean the Galaxy S24 Ultra is more durable?

Yes and no. As we learned with Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro, titanium is noticeably lighter than aluminum, and far stronger at lower weights. It isn’t impervious, however. The Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t made entirely from titanium, but it is more durable. Just not so durable that you should avoid using a case or screen protector entirely. Like most smartphone improvements, the difference here is incremental. You can just feel it in the different weight of the S24 Ultra in a way changing to say, Gorilla Glass Victus, wasn’t as easily observable.

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