Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF February 13 – 1 9, 2023

Tuesday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day (obvi) and with the Sagittarius moon in your traditional tenth house, your heart will beat faster for all things haute and high end. You need no excuse to splurge on a matching lingerie set or a box of artisan chocolates. Whether your date is your S.O. or your single best friend, plan on ordering the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings. Monitor your fussy streak, Pisces. Bae might not remember the exact temperature you like your filet prepared at or your favorite color of rose—but you want to give points for effort! Positive reinforcement is the way to ensure you’ll get more of this loving year-round. 

The REAL magic comes not from St. Valentine this week, but rather Wednesday’s annual meetup of your ruler, quixotic Neptune, and romantic Venus in your sign and first house of identity. You’ll be charm incarnate—plus you’ll be exuding irresistible sex appeal. You won’t want to squander one drop of this magnetic exuberance. Spend some time reflecting on your highest dreams and deepest desires, knowing you’ve got the manifesting mojo to make them a reality. This isn’t as much a cerebral exercise as it is tuning into your heart and FEELING what it craves most, which could be anything from a radical style makeover to making a big ask at work. People won’t be able to resist your overtures, provided you emphasize what’s in it for them. Neptune is a funny overlord in that it can make you supernaturally powerful OR cause you to second-guess yourself. Stay grounded in your power and you’ll be unstoppable.

On Thursday, Saturn drops into step with the Sun at the same degree of Aquarius, which could create a temporary sense of overwhelm. So many projects, so little time? Aquarius is the ruler of your twelfth house of transitions, healing and divinely inspired creativity. As you assess your current goals, discern which ones really speak to your soul. Don’t force yourself to finish a project if your heart isn’t into it. But make sure you aren’t self-sabotaging by quitting five minutes before the miracle! A major cleanup mission could consume your weekend. It will feel so damn good to get rid of excess, especially when it comes to clothes, objects, and yes, obligations that just aren’t “you” anymore. 


On Saturday, February 18 the Sun blasts into your sign and officially kicks off the cumpleaños cavorting! After a month of hosting el Sol in your introspective twelfth house, this transit should bring blessed relief. With the Sun beaming in your sign until March 20, you’re in your element—so why not acknowledge it with some new self-loving rituals, like booking a hair appointment or redecorating your room. In short, do whatever it takes to help you shake off any gloomy vibes you’re still lugging around and get your indie flame burning brightly. Give your inner rock star a shot at the spotlight, Pisces. Your sign tends to be cautious, often preferring to observe from the sidelines, but this solar-powered transit could catapult you into a leadership role this week, meaning you may be lured to center stage. Swallow your fears and step into the spotlight!

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