Ram 1500 REV electric truck photos show it’s no design revolution

On Super Bowl Sunday, Ram released a first set of photos revealing that, in production form, the Ram 1500 REV electric pickup truck won’t be nearly as radical in design as suggested by the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept shown at CES last month.

In teaser photos, the production Ram 1500 REV appears to have the same front-end appearance, with distinctive lighting that flows in twin paths to the side from the grille, as the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. The front end looks equally curvaceous, in the name of aerodynamics, with a hood bulge that extends some design continuity to internal combustion versions that will remain available.

Ram 150 REV

Ram previously confirmed that a range-extended Ram electric truck will sell alongside the fully electric truck and updated gasoline versions of the Ram. Specs and further info about this range-extended version are yet to come, but executives have suggested that it might be the key to this upcoming model’s claimed “class-leading real-world range.” 

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares underscored last month to Green Car Reports that it will be a range-extended EV and not a plug-in hybrid—a term implying that even this version will have a large battery pack and all-electric range well beyond the 20 to 40 miles of many current PHEVs.

This variation of the production Ram Revolution will allow a late-mover advantage and will hit a sweet spot that doesn’t yet exist in the electric pickup market. And it may allow Ram an advantage with regulations that may require some tougher decisions for GM and Ford, as those automakers will need to juggle production between non-plug-in internal combustion versions and fully electric models. 

For the range-extended version, REV might have been the obvious badging. Ram hasn’t yet clarified what the ‘R’ in REV stands for, if it’s anything else than Ram or range. Expect that and a lot more on Super Bowl Sunday.

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