The concept art and illustrations behind city-builder Terra Nil

Image: Free Lives

Terra Nil, a game I recently reviewed for the site, is one of the most pleasurable desktop experiences I’ve had in a long time, both because of its tricky blend of puzzles and city-building but also because it’s a rare game that tackles climate change (or, in this case, restoration) with a sense of genuine optimism.

It’s also a game that’s just nice to be around, thanks to its isometric viewpoint and cute little buildings, which are there to bring back cute little forests that become home to cute little animals.

To help celebrate that, the team at developers Free Lives were kind enough to share some of the artwork that went into Terra Nil’s creation, from the earliest sketches outlining building design to logo ideas to the genesis of the game’s eventual box art.

You’ll find links to each artist’s portfolio in the names at the top of each slideshow page.

Credit : Source Post

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