The Internet Reacts To Street Fighter 6’s New Cammy

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Yesterday during Sony’s State of Play showcase, the fighting game community witnessed three character reveal trailers for Street Fighter 6. I say three, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, the only street fighter who’s on anyone’s mind is one Cammy White. So let’s count the many ways that Cammy’s reveal left gamers smiling.


As you can see from the trailer above, Street Fighter 6’s roster will include the stalwart standby Zangief, a newcomer named Lily, and the aforementioned Ms. White. Although the general look of these road combatants has been common knowledge for a while on account of the game’s leaked character art hitting the interwebs, many Cammy appreciators both old and new are saying the leaks didn’t do her new threads enough justice.

Instead of rocking her vintage twin tails and green leotard, SF6 Cammy is sporting a short bob, Union Jack jacket, and yoga pants. While deviations on an iconic look typically ruffle gamer feathers, folks online absolutely adore Cammy’s new digs. Twitter user UltimaShadow X pointed out how Cammy’s SF6 streetwear is yet another example of video game character designs ‘[getting] hotter” when they get extra articles of clothing.

Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed a nifty new anime reference. Twitter user Fighting-Games Daily spotted a new, knee-breaking throw in Cammy’s arsenal, and the wince-inducing new move is actually a reference to the same throw she did in the 1994 anime film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Elsewhere, other fans seem thrilled to hear that Cammy’s English-language voice actor, Caitlin Glass, is once again supplying the deadly Brit’s lines.

One last brief snippet of Cammy’s SF6 trailer that’s been making the rounds on Twitter doesn’t depict any of the special forces agent’s killer kicks, but a particular idle animation, specifically her very exaggerated back stretches. Horndog bait for sure, and potentially the start of a new trend à la the Guilty Gear Strive “Jack-O challenge” that swept Twitter back in 2021. This one looks a bit easier, at least. Fan art is already starting to proliferate:

All told, the UK gal’s revamp has left a very positive impression on the Street Fighter community. Though the real test of her influence will be if Cammy mains in the States start putting gravy on their chips.

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