Top 5 Baby Zip Sleepers in Organic Cotton To Help Baby Sleep

When your baby is sleeping, you want the best for them and that includes what’s on their skin. By using baby zip sleepers in organic cotton, you can avoid pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Here are the top 5 to consider!

Why Organic Cotton?

Before we get to the top 5 baby zip sleepers in organic cotton, let me share why you should use organic cotton.

First, all cotton is grown in soil and then picked to be woven into materials we use every day. However, organic cotton is made from non-GMO seeds and without the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. It’s better for your baby’s skin and also better for the environment. Although those are good enough reasons, there are also other reasons to buy organic cotton.

Why Baby Zip Sleepers?

If you’re not going to use a baby sleep sack, a baby zip sleeper is a great choice! A zip sleeper can keep your baby warm enough to sleep through the night but safe enough not to have a loose blanket in bed with them. Safe sleep practices dictate you should NOT have anything loose in the crib with your baby until 12 months old or older.

The other thing that is good about zip sleepers is the fact that they are easy to get your baby in and out. This makes any diaper changes much easier and faster especially once your baby is mobile. Once babies become mobile and start standing in the crib, they can get tangled up in blankets.

Top 5 Baby Zip Sleepers

These 5 sleeper pajamas are a great way to help your baby sleep better, day and night!

Hannah Andersson Baby Zip Sleeper in Organic Cotton

The Hannah Andersson line of products gets 5 stars for a reason. These organic cotton zip sleepers have a protective zipper cover, machine-washable, GOTS-Certified, flame-resistant, soft, and comfortable. These are very well-made and come in a variety of colors and styles! The knee-to-neck zipper makes changing baby that much easier.


The ZippyJamz organic sleeper footed pajamas, which are also GOTS-certified, are a good choice if your baby likes their feet covered but the socks keep coming off. This sleeper has two independent zippers to make diaper changes much easier without chilling your baby’s chest or stomach. One of the best parts of this sleeper is the gripper feet for the babies who are cruising or walking! These are available in sizes from newborn to toddler so your baby won’t need to get used to any other pajama for a long time!

Burt’s Bees Organic Cotton Zip Sleepers

The Burt’s Bees zip sleepers in organic cotton are another great choice at the fraction of the price! These sleepers have a diagonal zip front to make diaper changes easier and they have elastic at the ankle to keep the footed part from rotating around and getting out of position. This product is great for babies with sensitive skin and they are machine washable. There are tons of patterns and styles to choose from!

O2 Baby Zip Organic Cotton Sleeper

On a budget? No problem! This O2 Baby Zip Organic Cotton sleeper is a great option! It comes in more basic colors but with safety still in mind with a safety zipper garage and high-quality organic cotton. They are footless which is great for babies who don’t like their feet covered or get too warm.

Little Planet by Carter’s Organic Cotton Sleep and Play

The Little Planet by Carter’s Baby Organic Cotton Zip Sleeper is climate-pledge friendly, GOTS-certified, and has attached footies. This is another great lower budget one since babies spit up so much and you need to buy several. The only drawback to these is they only come in a few styles but they are great to have stored away. Buy two in each style so the baby can seamlessly “stay in the same outfit” even if they make a mess! 😉

We hope this helps you find the right baby zip sleeper in Organic cotton that helps your baby sleep through the night with ease!

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