What are we all playing this weekend?

First, snowdrops. Then crocuses. Now, daffodils. You know, I had always appreciated council budgets including spring bulbs to make places pretty, but it’s only this dismal winter that I truly realise the mental health bonuses of this. Spring is coming, they tell everyone by poking up in parks and on roundabouts, hold on just a little longer. But what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I’m trying to get stuck into the first of the Nancy Drew puzzle games, but it’s extremely hard. I’m trying to resist the urge to cheat, but bloody hell. All the message boards in the school have notes in code and stuff. I thought Nancy was supposed to be cute.


I’m enjoying BAM! BIF! and POW!ing through Marvel’s Midnight Suns. I do wish it borrowed a bit more from Into The Breach (and it already borrows a lot), specifically in how Breach moves and attacks are so wholly predictable and Midnight Suns is very much not. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it being on a grid too. Or at least having an undo button for when your plan falls apart when you discover something is three pixels out of range.


Much like James last weekend, I too will be playing an embargo’d game that I cannot mention for embargo reasons. I hope the embargo’d game is fun and interesting.

Sons Of The Forest is going to keep me all tied up this weekend, probably because I’ll spend most of it literally tied up by cannibals. In the rare sessions that I manage to survive my first combat encounter, I’ll probably start work on a shrine for Kelvin, one of the AI companions. Good ol’ Kelvin, just standing around looking all dazed and confused. While I’m busy building, I’ll order him to do a spot of fishing. Kelvin seems happiest when plunging into a stream to catch dinner with his bare hands.


I, um, still haven’t finished the Dead Space remake. It’s fine though, Isaac Clarke is made of tough stuff. I’m sure he’s only quietly sobbing in the blood-graffitied mop cupboard I left him three weeks ago.


Freed from the bonds of secrecy, I can finally say I’ll be playing more Company Of Heroes 3 this weekend, as well as The Pale Beyond, which I’ve had my eye on for ages ever since I played its excellent demo last year. It’s a shame Rachel had so many bugs to contend with in her review build, but I’m still keen to hop aboard The Temperance all the same. Here’s hoping my survival attempts end slightly better than my previous Frostpunk adventures did…

is away!

Just Sons Of The Forest stuff.


Can’t talk now. Too busy chomping raw human leg in Sons Of The Forest.


This weekend I’m taking a trip to Tenby to see my gran, so no time for games for me. Just lots of Welsh cakes. I demand Welsh cakes.


I still need to kickstart my 2023 GOTY longlist with some new games, so this week I picked up Birth and Red Tape — two very short indies just out this month — and might give those a go on Saturday if I can tear myself away from Danganronpa 2 (unlikely, I’m so obsessed right now I’ve been known to play it while eating). Sunday is my anniversary with my partner, so probably no video games! After 13 years, he’s earned one day without having to compete for my attention with an ever-diminishing group of imperilled Japanese highschoolers.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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