WhatsApp gives Android users new document sharing options and more

There are improved document sharing features for Android WhatsApp users around the world.

The hugely popular instant messaging service WhatsApp has begun to roll out changes to its Android app that give people who share documents new features while tweaking existing ones.

The WhatsApp update, which is now available to everyone via the Google Play Store, gives the Android app feature priority over the iPhone version. That means that these features don’t yet appear to be offered via the WhatsApp release that is available for download via the Apple App Store.


As for what those new features are, as first spied by WABetaInfo, there’s plenty to sink your document-sharing teeth into.

The first change of note is one that allows people to attach a caption when sharing a document, giving them the option to add a description of what that file might be. Another addition is the ability to create personalised avatars, although that one was already available to iPhone users.

Another addition of note is the ability to share up to 100 images and videos in a chat at any one time, something that was previously limited to just 30. Finally, longer group subjects and descriptions are now available to help people better describe the group’s purpose or rules.

All of this is available via the version of WhatsApp that is available to all Android users as well, so there is no need to go about installing any betas just to be able to use these new and tweaked features.

The updated WhatsApp is available now, and you might already have it installed if you have your apps automatically update. Those new to WhatsApp can download the app now.

WhatsApp recently released a new beta that changes the way the in-app camera works, making it easier to record hands-free videos. That’s one update we can’t wait for WhatsApp to roll out to everyone. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we can all record videos without having to hold our thumbs on the screen for the duration.

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